Are Photos An Important Aspect Of Web Design

Designing a new webpage can seem like a daunting task for individuals who are new to the activity, but it does not have to be. Keep reading to learn more about using photos in web design.

Photos are an important part of any webpage; they can be interesting, useful, or entertaining to those people visiting your website It is important to realize that photos should “fit” when adding them to a page, however.

If you are considering a photo for your webpage, ask yourself if it somehow contributes to the overall Read the rest of this entry »

How To Use Vector Files In Web Design

Designing the perfect graphics and effects for your website can be a major challenge, but it is important for you to try various things if you want your site to look and run its best. One type of file Karamba casino that you might not have tried yet is a vector file, but these files can do a lot for your layout and navigation if you know how to use them.

If you are wondering how you can get started with using vector files for your Web design, consider playing around with these files in your favorite photo Read the rest of this entry »

Making your web pages faster through efficient design

We all do it: make a website that looks so sweet in our high fidelity comps, but runs miserable slow in the browser. It is just too heavy. Some designs aren’t replicated well into the web. Sure, you could slice the hell out of your design comps and put a whole bunch of pictures into your website, but that is what’s slowing the page down! Also many rural internet companies (e.g. several Michigan Internet Providers) don’t have speeds that compare to what we have in our high tech offices.

Pages that have a lot of images will take much longer to load. When creating a design, always keep in mind how a developer will build the page. If you aren’t too familiar with development, make sure to have lots of tech reviews with your developer to really flesh out if certain elements can be built. It&39;s okay to have cool elements that can’t be built in css(cascading style sheets), but not too many.

The client and the user of the site will really care less if you have a sideways drop shadow, if the page takes 5 minutes to load! They will leave the site! All that time meticulously designing beautiful comps only for people to never really enjoy the site. So, the take away from this article is this: design with development in mind, design with users ability to interact with the site in mind and use as few images as possible. When efficiency is as the forefront of a designer’s mind, all are happy, both user and client alike. We can all design a better internet today by focusing on how we can make things fast.

Two Workarounds For Applying CSS To Buttons

Cascading style sheets have become popular because they offer some quality ways to present unison to websites. They are not just used for structure, however, because they already have some great general programming features. It’s great, but it is not the only way that people can design buttons.

Thankfully, there are other processes like HTML5 and Javascript that can be great workarounds for CSS. These programming languages allow users to do all that CSS can do and more. Javascript is typically used with HTML to form a concept called Dynamic HTML.Read the rest of this entry »

What Is HTML5 And How To Use It Wisely

When Apple emerged with a phone that did not support Adobe Flash lots of people wondered how they would be able to sustain themselves. It became even more of a conversation topic when consumers found that iPhones would have an app for YouTube that didn’t require any Adobe Flash. This puzzled even more people that knew nothing about programming. On the other side of the coin programmers were secretly buzzing with excitement about HTML5.

HTML5 is basically Read the rest of this entry »

How To Choose An Appealing Template Design

There are lots of ways to choose good template designs. One of the best ways is to search through various website collections. There are so many templates available. One has to really make a decision on what will be the best type for their website.

An appealing site is one that has good font and good text structure. People like to go to websites that are neat and organized well. This also means that they like navigation menus that can be used easily. These are things that define a good template.

A plethora of designs are out there. Many of Read the rest of this entry »

How To Design A Mobile Friendly Website

Many Internet users are now viewing more and more websites from their cell phones. In fact, some Internet users do not have computer access at home, so they may view all websites from their cell phones. In order to appeal to the most viewers, it is important to make your website mobile friendly.

In order to design a mobile friendly website, you should avoid XHTML and Javascript. Many cell phones do not have the capabilities that are necessary to view these types of codes, so you should stick to basic HTML.Didn’t catch that? June 2013

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